For the Love of the Games Part II

16 02 2010

Here’s a shout out for cross-country skier, Tucker Murphy.  He’s from Bermuda, and he was the country’s single competitor.  Originally, Murphy was one of two Olympians from Bermuda taking part in the Vancouver games, but his compatriate, skeleton slider Patrick Singleton failed to qualify.  At the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Saturday, Murphy was one of 12 athletes who carried their country’s flag (and I guess the expectations of a nation) alone.

What’s so amazing about Tucker Murphy, I hear you ask.  Well it’s not that he scored gold in the 15 kilometre freestyle cross-country skiing event that was held last night.  That honour went to Switzerland’s Dario Cologna, and silver and bronze were awarded to Pietro Piller Cottrer (Italy) and Lukas Bauer (Czech Republic) respectively.  Murphy finished 88th out of 95 competitors in a time of 42:39.1, but given that this is his first Olympics I’d say things can only get better from here.  No, Tucker Muprhy is actually more accomplished off the snow field than he is on it. 

At just 28 years of age (born 21 October 1981), Murphy is a Rhodes Scholar studying for his Master of Science in Integrative Bioscience at Oxford University in England.  Previously a student at Dartmouth, Murphy was not only on the ski team, but the rowing team as well.  I guess what this proves is that it’s not just a case of ‘brains OR brawn’, as Murphy has proven you can have both.





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