Drift the night away

21 06 2010

Living on the westside and working in the Brisbane CBD, I occasionally passed an unassuming restaurant in Milton as I walked the river on my way home in the afternoon.  I had often thought that the location embraced the panoramic views of the city, and I was always hopeful that an opportunity would arise where I could savour the experience from inside.  Well that opportunity presented itself one evening when my boyfriend and I had to madly find a last-minute alternative to our anniversary celebrations, and so our experience with Drift was made.

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Food in a modern Australian Era

18 06 2010

Looking for a casual location to catch up with a group of friends on a Friday afternoon?  South Brisbane’s award-winning  Era Bistro could well be a place to consider.  Situated in the hub of South Brisbane, on the corner of Merrivale and Melbourne Streets, Era offers an opportunity to relax despite the liveliness of people passing by.  There are a number of options to enjoy this venue with seating inside at the restaurant or around the bar, and on this particular occasion my friends and I chose the al fresco seating.

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The A Team – A Review

17 06 2010

I remember first hearing about Joe Carnahan doing a movie-length version of the classic 80s television show, The A-Team, and thinking ‘Dear God, No!’ .  Growing in up that era, there are some things that I had hoped would remain sacred; particularly that the fashion would never rear its head again (at least not seriously), and that certain shows like The A-Team would be left forever as a fond memory of my childhood.  But alas, there are a great number of television show-come feature film that left much to be desired – AEon Flux, The Brady Bunch, Scooby Doo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name but a few – so you could understand my cautious optimism heading into this one. Read on