True Grit – A Review

27 01 2011

I can’t ever say I’ve been compelled to watch a western at any stage of my lifetime.  I don’t recall giving up my Saturday afternoons to engage in any of John Wayne’s films.  I find this somewhat ironic given that True Grit is not only a western I felt compelled to see, but it is also a remake of the film that scored Wayne an Oscar in 1969.  In this adaptation of Charles Portis‘ novel of the same name, Joel and Ethan Coen have written and directed a truly masterful story for the screen.

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I’ve got a crush

25 01 2011

Crushed Pear Cider

Tomorrow is Australia Day, but some friends and I thought we’d get the party started a little early with a backyard barbecue and a few bevvies Read OnWe should have gone down the patriotic path and purchased some Australian beer, like a XXXX, Tooheys, VB, Cascade, Coopers or Swan, but it seemed our tastebuds had jumped on a plane and crossed the water to bring back the flavours of cider.

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It started with a whisper

16 01 2011

Littore Family Wines
Whispers 2009 Cabernet Merlot

Some days I just need to spend some time with my sister.  During the recent flooding disaster in and around Brisbane, I desperately felt I needed a little Sister Time after being isolated and without power in my suburb.  Fortunately, she and I live in the same city these days (although she was unaffected by the flood) and are roughly 30 minutes’ drive apart.  The route has at least a handful of bottle shops, so I thought it appropriate to pick up a bottle of something for our catch up.

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That’s amore

6 01 2011

I’m sure many of you will understand when I say that there are some restaurants and eateries you save for ‘special occasions’; a romantic dinner for two, the celebration of a  new job, when a long-serving friend comes to visit, or a birthday dinner with your nearest and dearest.  If you’re anything like me, you save them because you don’t want to tarnish your enjoyment or memory of that very first visit, and you want others to experience that same satisfaction.  You get me?

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