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Behind For The Senses:

Calista is an editor,  journalist and writer who has had articles printed in various publications, including the Townsville Bulletin, Remedy Street Press and The Verdict magazine, and she has worked in media and communications roles in both public and private sectors.

Writing has been a long-time passion for Calista, who started crafting short stories early on.  However, it was not until she had composed her own newspaper in high school, which received acclaim (rather than detention) from her teachers, that she pursued professional writing and obtained a Bachelor of Journalism in 2000.  Following her first overseas holiday (Italy and Spain) in 2007, Calista found new enjoyment in being able to recount her travel experiences.    For The Senses is her first blog, and combines her passion for sports, food, travel and entertainment writing.

When not penning her thoughts, Calista enjoys pretending she is the next great MasterChef, trying to get her tongue around the Italian language, dabbling in photography, and spending time with her boyfriend.

About For The Senses:

When I think about the experiences I have had so far, and my sudden urge to want to share those experiences with others, it is hard to ignore the influence one’s senses can have.  I have enjoyed the colours as seasons change, the soul-filled sounds of music, and the flavours and scents of carefully prepared foods.  

 As a writer (and now blogger) the five senses have allowed me to capture those moments.  Here you will find my accounts of all things sensory in relation to travel, food, sport and entertainment.  Whilst I don’t expect this blog to be prophetic or poetic in any way (I’m a bit too honest for that), I do hope that you will enjoy what I have to say.


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