One Positive Project

I think it was British author, Rose Tremain who said ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’

The sentiment holds so much truth.  We only get one shot at it and so it is the main event.  In a world plagued by dissatisfaction on so many levels; appearance, job, financial status, home life, social life etc, all too often we get bogged down in the negatives and forget to look at all the positive things around us.  We have become so cynical and we have so little faith in ourselves and in those around us.  I too, have allowed myself to get caught up in my frustrations and have placed too much emphasis on the negative, but not anymore.  Life holds different challenges and opportunities and it is how I approach these challenges that separates me from others, and makes all the difference. 

So the One Positive Project for me is about finding one positive, something to be grateful for.  Here, I’ll write them down, so that I (and you) can look back and see that it is possible to stay positive when all around me seems negative. 


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