And the nominees are…

31 10 2010

The list reads like a Who’s Who of Australian sports, but of the 12 of the hottest and most accomplished sporting stars in Australia this year, only one will score the title of  Sports Performer of the Year.  But now that the 2010 Colonial First State Sports Performer of the Year Awards nominees have been announced, just what is it about this group of athletes that make the deserving of the title?
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Food with grunt likely to satisfy

4 03 2010

As a Queensland icon celebrating 20 years, it’s surprising that dining out at the Hog’s Breath Cafe has not previously occurred.  But better late than never, right?  Well, as it turns out, yes.

It was a quiet mid-week evening when we decided to ditch a home-cooked meal for one prepared by someone else, and eat out at this cafe/restaurant, and it was clear from the beginning our dining experience would be unique.  The appearance, atmosphere and style of the restaurant could be likened to that of a Hard Rock Cafe, except that there was no apparent theme to the unusual paraphernalia and memorabilia that decorated the walls, and this in itself provided much conversation.  The casual approach to the setting was not observed by the restaurant’s staff though, as they were attentive, friendly and efficient, allowing us to relax and get comfortable.

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